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Want to form a legal society in Telangana? If yes, follow the steps given below for a seamless process:

  1. Gather 7 or more members.
  2. Figure out the motive of the society.
  3. Give your society a name.
  4. Prepare the necessary documents

Know all about society registration in Hyderabad.

Society registration In Hyderabad

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What is Society Registration ACT, 2001?

Under the society registration ACT of 2001, a group of 7 or more above the age of 18 is eligible to form a society by choosing society registration in Telangana. It is mandatory to have at least 3 executive committee members. Following are the reasons why people may choose the Association of people:

  • Cultural, charity, educational, and regional purposes.
  • Fine crafts and arts.
  • Scientific temper promotion.
  • Sports
  • Library maintenance.
  • Any public purpose.
  • Collection of historical monuments.
  • Political training and education

Because the state governments have the authority for society registrations in Hyderabad, the application must be submitted to the state’s particular authority for which the registrar’s office is located. For the registration, the society’s founders must choose a name for their society and provide the essential documentation followed by the terms and conditions.
Societies may also have to choose GST Registration services in Hyderabad and provide valid copies of the MOA. It is the Memorandum of Association of society. These documents are critical for society as it serves as evidence for society registration.

Application to Register a Society

The registration of a society is essential as it provides a particular group of people with several law benefits that unregistered societies do not have. For instance, registered societies can purchase land or property without attracting provisions related to the ownership transfer. A registered society managed outside of Telangana is still viewed as an Indian society.

Benefits of Registered Society

  • Registered societies will go through the least compliances while vesting the property.
  • Can file cases in case of a dispute.
  • Society can enforce proceeding in legal affairs to court.
  • Transfer the old property to the newer entity without having to go through hectic documents and strict formalities.
  • Accumulate funds from outside sources.

To register, several society registration procedures should be followed, along with providing the necessary documentation to the registrar’s office. Read on to know about the needed documents for registration.

Documents required for Society Registration

According to the Indian government, unregistered societies will not be deemed legal entities and won’t be eligible for the benefits mentioned above. A society cannot step into the legal framework without NGO registration and society registration. To do that, the following documents will be needed:

  1. Pan Card: All members of the society should submit their PAN Card with the application.
  2. Valid Residence Proof: Every member of the society will have to provide their residence proof. Following are the documents that can be used for residence proof.
    • Driving license.
    • Aadhar card.
    • Latest electricity bill.
    • Bank statement
  3. Memorandum Of Association: The Society will have to prepare the MOA with the following details:
    • Registered office address
    • Information of all members establishing the society
    • Work and goals of social formation.
  4. Address Proof: The address copy of the Society’s registered office must be provided with a No Objection Certification.
  5. Covering Letter: The cover letter includes why the society is being formed. This information should be at the beginning of the application. All the founding members should sign the application before submitting it.
  6. Members List: A detailed list of the members and their signs.
  7. Declaration: The president of the society should provide the declaration that they are willing to hold the given position.

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