Trademark Registration In Hyderabad

Anyone, whether a single individual or a business company, can register a trademark in Hyderabad. foreign nationals and entities can register. The company’s trademark is regarded as an asset. As a result, obtaining a  registration is necessary to establish a company’s identity.

Trademark registration is a process that needs you to complete several steps and a timely follow-up from the government. We’ll take a quick look at the registration process in Hyderabad.

Trademark and logo registration services in hyderabad

Get Your Trademark Registered By Professionals

Registration Process

Step 1: The initial step is to conduct a trademark search. We can assist with an excellent search using the tool to locate the mark across classes.

Step 2: The Trademark Attorney must then apply the second step. The  applicant must sign Form48 and TM1 for it to be approved.

Step 3: The trademark registration is completed in the third step with the trademark registry. 

Step 4: It is necessary to regularly check the trademark application’s status once it has been filed and is being processed by the government. If the applicant receives an objection, they must respond within 30 days.

You may easily register a trademark in Hyderabad with us. When it comes to registration and regulation, Agarlaws is a crucial service provider.

Why Should A Trademark Or Logo Be Registered?

Countless new and creative products and services are being introduced, and different brands of similar products. These products or services must be registered with legal assistance to be correctly identified and used for successful branding.

Easy To Apply

Trademark Filing:

This could be done manually or electronically. The jurisdictional brand registry must be filled in.

Trademark Examination & Response:

A trademark examiner carries out the trademark investigation of the application for registration. If the candidate is challenged on the brand, they must respond within the time limit. The trademark publication may publish the application.


People have four months after the trademark is published in the Register to raise an objection. The appeals process could push back the enrollment deadline by up to FOUR years.

Registration & Renewal:

Once a trademark has been registered in India, it must be renewed every ten years by paying the required price. To make things easier, anyone may now register their brand online.

Avoid improper submission:

This involves several steps. It must be carried out successfully, especially in the case of innovative products or services that have a product or service closely related to their trademark. If an attempt to get a trademark registration fails to owe inadequate documentation, the brand’s promotion will be delayed.

Our Role

It is in the firm’s best interests to hire the top professionals in Hyderabad to handle their registration needs. This is owing to the factors mentioned. Because of non-registration or wrong application presentation, a brand or service that has been carefully created over time should not be allowed to lose market share or identity. We will provide Trademark Registration Services to a large number of brands.

AGARLAWS has a knowledge base and experience that will be extremely valuable in dealing with circumstances as they arise, thanks to its fundamental capabilities in trademark registration and other related activities. we are the undisputed leader in this industry, and all clients who have used our services have consistently praised us for providing prompt and excellent service. Clients is   choosing us for precisely for this reason.

A Complete Trademark Application Filing Process

trademark registration in hyderabad

Trademark Search

We can assist you with your trademark search by using a trademark (TM) director. We also run a comprehensive check on the trademark logo and brand name you choose to make sure it isn’t registered or under someone else’s name. Once it is determined that the trademark is unique, it can be submitted. If someone else has already registered in that case we will assist you in finding methods to change it so that your registration does not expire.

Class Selection

You must practice it under the correct classification of classes when applying for registration. We will assist you in selecting the appropriate class for you to enroll in. The trademark gives you the exclusive right to sell under a specific brand name inside one particular economic division. Every logo or brand name must be filed in the correct category. For example, when it comes to sports, games, and toys, Class 28 covers items and services. As a result, if you want to start a new toy company, you’ll need to apply under Class 28.

Preparing the Application

We will proceed with the application by giving the authorization letter to confirm that your trademark name or logo should be unique and can be registered. This provides us the authority to register on your behalf. You can sign and return the letter to us. We will also assist you in filling out the form and keep you updated on the progress till the registration procedure is complete.

Documents Required 

An authorization letter signed by you authorizes us to file a application on your behalf. Following receipt of the authorization letter, we will begin preparing your reports and papers and applying for and paying for them online. You will receive confirmation of your request and the ability to use the TM sign within 24 hours.

The following documents must be submitted :

Applicant name

Business type

Business objectives

Brand/logo/slogan name

Registration address

Eligibilty Criteria

A trademark can be applied for by anyone or any company to protect their product or service. The trademark, name, and address of the applicant and the agent and Power of Attorney must be included in the request.

The entities listed below can register a trademark in India.

Joint Owners

The joint owners of a firm can file for a trademark together, and the application must include both of their names.

Proprietorship Firm

A sole proprietorship firm is not a separate legal organization, and the individual who operates the business is exclusively accountable for its debts. It is one of the most acceptable business types for cost, degree of upkeep, and set up. As a result, a proprietorship corporation can file a trademark application in its owner’s name but not in the business or proprietorship names.

Partnership Firm

A partnership company must consider all of the names of the associates or partners in the application when filing for a trademark, with a maximum number often.The name of the minor’s guardian must be informed if there is a secondary partner.

Limited Liability Partnership or LLP

Because LLPs have their own identities, they can petition for trademark registration under the name of the LLP. The partners, on the other hand, cannot be applicants.

Society or Trust

Both trust and society can register trademarks if they are supplied on behalf of the community.In the application, the names of the managing trustee, chairman, and secretary are listed.


1)Legal Protection

We are a company that provides design and construction services for you, from the first sketches to the finished product.

2)Goodwill or Trust

The registration of a trademark produces intellectual property, which is an intangible asset for a company. A registered trademark is a commercially contractable right that can be sold, franchised, or licensed.

3)Unique Identity

The registration of a trademark will aid in the creation of a unique identity and brand for your goods or services. Your trademark will not be allowed to be used by competitors for similar goods or services.

4)Makes trademark known

This makes a brand well-known across the country and makes it searchable in the trademark database. This puts competitors and others on notice and stops them from utilizing your trademark.

Get Your Trademark Registered By Professionals